Did You Get A Life Insurance Grace Notice?

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Did You Get A Life Insurance Lapse Notice?

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Did You Get A Life Insurance Grace or Lapse Notice Letter?

Have you received a grace or lapse notice? If so, do not panic. We may be able to help you. Since these notices are time sensitive, please call us today. A member of our experienced team will provide you with a free consultation regarding your life Insurance policy. Our team of professionals is waiting to help you and can be reached by phone at (800) 286-8953 or by e-mail with the form below.

Have You Received A Grace Or Lapse Notice On Your Or A Loved One’s Life Insurance Policy?

If the answer is yes, do not worry. We are here to help. Life can be complicated and because people’s circumstances change, you may find that you no longer need, want or can afford your life insurance policy. This happens to hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans every year. If you’re one of these people, what do you do with your life insurance policy that you have been paying premiums on for many years if you no longer need it?

Do you just ignore your life insurance grace or lapse notice?
• Do you let all that money you invested in your life insurance policy just go into the pockets of the major insurance companies?

Absolutely not! At Ecphonisis, we specialize in helping Americans just like you save from losing all the premiums you paid into your policy. For us this isn’t just a job, it’s our passion. Contact us today for a free consultation concerning your life insurance grace or lapse notice. You may reach us by phone or you may contact us by e-mail with the form to the right of this page.

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Life Insurance Lapse By The Numbers

  • How Many Days Do I Have After I Receive A Grace Notice? 60
  • How Much Time Do I Have To Reinstate Life Insurance After I Lapse? 30
  • How Many Days Does It Take To Sell My Life Insurance Policy? 14

Time Could Be Running Out!

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Hear From Some Of Our Happy Clients!

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“After years of paying for my life insurance policy, I realized my children were never going to need it. One had already finished medical school and was an accomplished physician and the other was graduating from law school. It seemed pointless to pay the high premiums anymore, and I was just going to let the life insurance policy lapse. Then I spoke with Ecphonisis and they informed me that I could actually sell my life insurance policy. What a boost to the retirement account! I couldn’t be happier with the staff at Ecphonisis, thanks, everyone!”

Frank DiSalvio

Vice President, Allied Rentals

“After I got older and retired my life insurance policy premiums became too much of my household budget. I was worried that if an unexpected bill came up, I would not be able to make the payments. Or worse, I would be forced to let my life insurance policy lapse. I began doing some research online where I discovered that you can actually sell your life insurance policy. It was like music to my ears! You mean I can turn a monthly burdensome bill into cash? Where do I sign up I thought? I still can’t believe what I got for my life insurance policy. Thanks, Extropy!

Nancy McCormick

Bakery Chef, La Rochelle Bakery

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